Springtime in Little Rock

by Candace 🙂

Azaleas out our window!

We are having a lovely spring here in Little Rock! The azaleas are now in bloom, which may be my favorite time of the year here. The weather is pretty much perfect, too, which means we’re spending lots more time outside.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements as we began our small group here. We had a fourth gathering last night, and it was a great time together. There are lots of kids, plenty of space to have childcare outside/upstairs in our home, and great folks around the circle to share in prayer and discussion.

We ask you to pray that we would not become too homogeneous – it’s easy for us to attract white families in our age group. We are thankful to have had several people of color, single people, and older people come over the four weeks; but, we want to welcome all these folks in a way that makes them want to stick around. We gained so much from being a part of an intergenerational group at Reba.

Josh is a fantastic art teacher, from all that I can tell! He has gotten good reports on his observations, the kids seem to love him, and he is having fun finding lessons and teaching these children how to be artists. He has one more test left in order to get his official teaching license. It’s one week from today, and it is the one he is most nervous about. Please pray!

I am enjoying my work with women who have health issues they can’t seem to get past (like acne, low energy, headaches, and digestive issues). It is just the kind of work I have longed to do – supporting women in healing in a holistic way. My business is building slowly, and that is perfect. I am getting experience and finding that I can take the time I need with each person.

The kids are thriving. Lilia’s art was recently chosen for the district-wide art show (hers was the only 1st grade piece from her school!). Her birthday is on Wednesday (she’ll be 7), and we’ll celebrate with a Magic Tree House party on Saturday. Jedidiah is reading, reading, reading these days. He loves series books, and if you see him he’ll talk your ear off about it! He’s been reading Harry Potter, Eragon, Origami Yoda, Captain Underpants, and so many more I can’t remember. Simeon is a bit of a “threenager.” He is more emotional these days, but he is also hilarious and brings a lot of joy to our family. He is the jokester of the family and keeps us all laughing.

We rented out our garage apartment on airbnb over spring break, which was a fun new experience. We thought you might enjoy reading our reviews: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/11617430?preview. We got a laugh out of the one that called us “stylish and gracious.” 🙂

A friend of ours who came to the garage apartment for a bodywork session asked if she could live there for a couple of months while she is between places. She was even willing to let me keep using the space for bodywork sessions while she’s at work/out of town. What a perfect situation! She moved in on Saturday, and we’re loving having her around. The kids have been especially thrilled!

We stayed home for spring break, which was really nice. It’s been rare that we’ve had such unplanned downtime together as a family. We also decided to pay to have the top half of our house painted, as we were having trouble finding a way to paint these very high sections ourselves. The painters started over spring break, and they should finish this week!

A few spring break activities: going to the zoo, hiking to Cedar Falls (Petit Jean State Park), a date night for Josh and me, time with my 97-year old grandmother (she has declined some in the last month), and visiting a local art show. We also had a great Easter as a family and with our church. You can read more about that day here: http://sweetwateroffering.com/how-our-family-managed-to-avoid-candy-this-easter/.

Here are a few Simeon quotes:

On Sunday he sat with me during communion instead of being in Sunday school as he usually is. After church…(with a furrowed brow and an angry, disapproving voice): “Why did you drink blood during church? Why did you?!” We had a good talk about communion and what it means, but I think he’s still a bit confused. 🙂

“I can’t look at the camera, Mom! The sun won’t let me.”

While doing a little dance that definitely means he needs to use the potty: “I don’t need to use the potty mom; I’m just pretending I need to use the potty!”

When he gets really angry at someone: “You lil’ puh-puh!” or “You lil’ hanger!” (Threenager…)

After crying about something that didn’t matter much (as three-year olds will do): (smiling and chuckling) “I was just fake crying, Mom! I’m happy now.”

Here are a few pictures from the last month:

Meeting cousin Ivy for the first time.
Visiting my grandmother Gail.
Waiting for the bus in the rain…
Waiting for the bus in the rain…
Lilia saved snow from the winter by putting it in the freezer. She was proud to pull it out on a warm day and make “snow cones.”
Always reading…
A picture I took with Simeon with all our groceries for the week.
Lilia at the district art show with her piece!
Friends digging in the dirt together.
Friends and neighbors…
Morning fairy.
Front two teeth are coming in!
Photographer Josh goes to the zoo…
Version 2
Photographer Josh goes to the zoo…
Photographer Josh goes to the zoo…
Three happy kids at our wonderful zoo. Any day now, the new farm section of the zoo will open!
On a date…we didn’t actually go to this carnival – just saw it while walking around on our date.
Famous art in Little Rock!
On the trail to Cedar Falls…Lilia crossed this log and was quite proud!
Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls (look at the man on the left to get an idea of the scale).
Easter Lilia
Making play dough!
Time to play (Simeon plays with play dough for hours every day).
Opening fun Easter presents from the grandparents!
Easter 2016
Simeon Easter 2016
Our little cutie!

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